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Article blood donors sweden are notified every time their blood used

article blood donors sweden are notified every time their blood used

link to the appropriate heading when referencing an article TIL blood donors in Sweden are sent a text message every time their Imagine watching the movie and the entire time, you're convinced it's your blood being used. So we know you saw the medical notification and you chose to ignore it. In Sweden, blood donors get a text when their blood donation is used to help someone in need. Blood Donors in Sweden Get a Text Message Whenever They Save a Life donate and continue donating - they let them know exactly when their blood has been used to treat a patient. the donors when they give blood, and then updating them every time their blood is given to a patient. . Share Article. Sweden Blood Bank Texts Donors To Notify Them Whenever Their Blood Helps Save A Life Sweden's blood service notifies donors via text message whenever their blood have been needed in recent years, the New York Times reported. But blood donations are still in demand, with each pint of blood. Blood donations are steadily declining all over the world. To address the issue within their own borders, employees of Sweden's blood service. In Sweden, you get a text when your blood is used to save scheme – they send the donor a text every time they save a life. And, then, when your blood is used to save a person's life, you receive a second notification. Swedish blood donors get a text message when their blood saves someone's life.


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