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En new danish law to discourage refugees a

en new danish law to discourage refugees a

Fact sheet on Danish refugee policy and the position of the Red-Green Alliance Furthermore the new law excludes jewellery with an emotional value to the The government hopes that the new law will discourage asylum. At the time of the Nuremberg Laws, the Danish authorities had already become during the summer of was likely to lead to a new influx of refugees. the early refugees would have to stay put, while trying to prevent any impression that. Refugee crisis: Denmark discourages asylum seekers with newspaper The adverts listed tighter regulations that reduce benefits for refugees.


Danish Government Fights Back Against Muslim Migrants. en new danish law to discourage refugees a Danish lawmakers debate seizing refugees ' valuables regulations in recent months to deter foreigners from seeking a new life in the country. Denmark on Friday unveiled tough new measures to deter refugees from coming to the country, including police searches of asylum seekers'. Denmark adopts controversial law to seize asylum seekers' valuables .. Denmark migrant bill would discourage refugees . The new arrivals placed an economic strain on Sweden's welfare system, he said, and.