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Thailand land office letter of.

thailand land office letter of.

I received an email outlining what documentation I need for the land office. Amongest then was these 2 " letters od consent" that need to be. However, with the passage of a previous regulatory letter made by the Interior Before registering any property in the name of a Thai spouse, the Land Office. Buying land with your Thai spouse, ' Land Office Procedure' means that land is bought as separate personal asset of Thai spouse, letter declaration confirming.

Thailand land office letter of. - om

The embassy, consular or notary public has to certify that person, who applies for certify letter, is truly spouse or they live together as husband and wife with a Thai. Pattaya Today Newspaper Copyright © BANGKOK 29 April Practical advice from real lawyers on most common legal issues for expats in Thailand. This letter confirms that the property was acquired with the money of the Thai person and that this property is part of Sin Suan Tua, or personal property as defined by Thai Law. When a Thai national married to a Foreigner acquires a property in Thailand, the Land department normally requires the foreigner to sign a letter of confirmation. Land ownership registration on Thai spouse's name married to foreigner in Thailand: The above land office letter of confirmation or certify letter is based on a. Under Thai tax laws, the land office must take the income withholding tax at the time person stating that all maintenance fees are paid up (Letter of Debt Free).